illustrator & designer

'97 | they/them

hi! i'm mint and i like playing around with pretty backgrounds and lighting. i'm a half-asian queer dumpster fire attempting to get a master's degree and sometimes shitting out artplease do not share this carrd outside of zine applications, as it contains unreleased zine works.

best works

other things (this whole site kinda wip sorry)

zine experience


You Wear Fine Things WellOFMDgraphicsphysical / charitycreation
OpulenceBTSgraphics & socialsphysical / splitpreorders
FrissonBTSlead (& art, graphics, socials, server)physical / at-costproduction
GoldenBTSart & serverphysical / for profitdiscontinued
CoutureBTSserverphysical / charitycomplete


Spring TidesOFMDguest artistdigital / charitycreation


Forged in Flame: A Zuko ZineATLApage artistphysical / charitycreation
The KrakenOFMDpage artistTBD / TBDcreation
The VenomMCRpage artistphysical / charitycreation
Haikyuu!! Gone WildHQpage artistphysical / charitycreation
Inexorably DrawnHadespage artistphysical / charityart submitted
As A CrewOFMDpage artistdigital / charityart submitted
OrbitBTSpage artistdigital / freecreation
RegaliaPJOpage artistphysical / charityart submitted
Blood & Jupiter (Tarot Set)PJOcard artistphysical / profitart submitted
QuerenciaBTSpage artistphysical / profitcreation
AnodosHQ x PJOpage artistphysical / profitart submitted
With Bare Hands We ReachOriginalpage artistdigital / charityproduction
Our (side of the) StoryHQmerch artistphysical / charitypreorders
Star*DustYOIpage artistphysical / splitpreorders
Bearer of LightMDZSpage artistphysical / P4Pcomplete
Book of MinBTSpage artist (pinch hitter)physical / profitpreorders
egg zineeggspage artistdigital / freecomplete
2!3!BTSpage & merch artistphysical / splitpreorders
Harvest MoonHQpage artistdigital / charitycomplete
Code 130613BTSmerch artistphysical / profitproduction
Iron WallHQpage artistphysical / profitproduction
Fly To My RoomBTSpage artistphysical / charityproduction
MikrokosmosBTS x Genshinpage & merch artistphysical / charityproduction
Gateway to YouBTSmerch artistphysical / splitproduction
Skool Luv AffairBTSpage artistphysical / profitproduction
Berry-TasticStrawberry Shortcakepage artistdigital / charitycomplete
World is OursBTS x Hatsune Mikupage artistdigital / freecomplete
SunKissedBTSpage artistphysical / profitdiscontinued
Hells FireBTSmerch artistphysical / profitcomplete
DaechwitaBTSpage artistphysical / profitcomplete
365 Days Vol. 2BTSpage artistphysical / splitcomplete
EvergreenHQpage artistphysical / profitcomplete
Punk is GayOriginalpage artistphysical / charitycomplete
From Coffee Shops to Slow BurnsYOIpage artistphysical / splitproduction
WingsBTScover & page artistdigital / profitcomplete
BNHA.mp3BNHApage & spot artistdigital / charitycomplete
I Only Have YouBTSmerch artist (via contest)physical / splitcomplete
Ariana ZineAriana Grandepage artistphysical / profitcomplete
GHIBLI2077Studio Ghibli Moviescover & page artistdigital / freecomplete
Zine With Luv Vol. 1BTSpage artistdigital / charitycomplete
BTS Animal CrossingBTS x Animal Crossingpage artistdigital / charitydiscontinued
4 Seasons for the TeamHQcover & page artistdigital / freecomplete
Zodiac CarnivalFruits Basketpage artistphysical / profitproduction
Distanziner Quaranzine (Vol. 1, 2, 3)Originalartistdigital / freecomplete

other relevant experience

— academics —
+ Currently in a design-heavy master's degree program
— graphic designer/illustrator —
+ University Student Theatre Society (social media posts and physical poster designs for productions)
+ University Yearbook (section divider illustrations)
— artist alley tables —
+ Otakuthon 2019
+ International Fan Fest 2019

graphic design

experience as a social media graphics coordinator and poster designer for zines and student theatre productionsfamiliar with adobe creative suite, canva, and clip studio

merch portfolio

experience with designing and manufacturing charms and stickers for artist alleys and event handouts, including self-printing circular and hand cut stickersregular illustration style for prints/bookmarks is on homepage


loose studies and unfinished ideas in case you're interested